BEEscapes are timeless toppers you can dress up, dress down, and wear to any activity or occasion? BEEScape’s individually handcrafted, reversible, water resistant capes will flatter any outfit from turtlenecks to spaghetti straps and keep you warm, dry and on the cutting edge of fashion.

Football game? Baby shower? No problem - we’ve got you covered! Regardless of the 'weather' or 'whether' you look snazzy in solid or rad in plaid, we have the cape you're looking for. Browse our full line of cape couture and see for yourself - at BEEScape, common sense and practicality are BEE-UTIFUL!

If you are interested in personalizing your cape monogramming is available. For custom embroidery on your BEEutiful cape, please call 216-851-3605 or email us at and we will fax or send you an embroidery form.

Wouldn't it be great to find beautiful, multi-purpose
outerwear to compliment
every outfit? Now you have,
so ladies, stop looking
through your cluttered closets,
purge the pandemonium and
dump the dated-wear!